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Sellers love better exposure.

Advertise on Michigan's largest network of real estate websites, and connect with other top agents throughout the state. Gain better exposure to sell homes faster and make your sellers happy.

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How can IRA Suite benefit you as an Agent?

Competitive Listing Presentations

Today's sellers care more than ever where you will market their property. Show them where every agent will advertise their property and then show them how you do even more.

Branded Data Sheets for Your Listings

Choose from one of our many listing print formats for your next open house or office sales meeting. Have us create a branded header for your print materials or use your own if you already work with a designer.

Get Your Leads ‐ All of Them

Here at IRA Suite, we believe that leads on your listings should go to you. That is why, unlike many other marketing channels in real estate, we will not distribute leads on your listings to any other agents. We believe in fairness for all of our clients, unlike pay-to-play style services.

Show Your Seller That It Works

Send beautiful PDF reports to your seller delivered automatically each month, or send them out manually whenever. Our Seller Activity Reports show all of the web traffic that your listing receives during the month. Optionally, you can also include Showing, Open House, and various other listing activity in your report.

The Most Affordable Advertising

No other advertising is as affordable as a subscription to IRA Suite. Period.

Why us?

  • No contracts.
  • Unlimited listings.
  • No listing entry required.

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