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  • Sell More Properties
  • Manage Showings
  • Impressive Photo Manager

Property Searching

Advanced agent search is powerful and fast.
  • If you can imagine it, you can search by it!
  • IRA features a diverse array of search options to utilize.
  • Agents can look up properties for potential buyers within a matter of minutes.
  • Save your searches for later, or send them to your prospects.
  • Set up prospects to receive new listings that match a particular search, as soon as they come on the market!
Public search increases your exposure.
  • IRA listings are prominently featured on over 80 public websites.
  • IRA provides wide variety of search criteria to choose from.
  • IRA searches are quick and easy to use.
  • Search by Price, New Listings, Reduced Price Listings, Lease Only, Property Type or many more.
  • Potential buyers can contact agents with a single click!


IRA Suite is your number one spot for current market statistics.
  • Hot Sheet - Recently New, Sold, Pended, Off-Market, Back on Market, and Expired Listings. Also shows recent Price Changes.
  • Market Analysis - Current Volume, Number of Listings, Average Price broken down in a detailed report.
  • Sold Market Analysis - Total Sold Listings, Average Selling Price broken down into various categories.
  • Activity Totals - Market Activity by board, company, or county.
  • Showings Summary - Generate a report showing how many properties have been shown within certain price ranges.
  • Web Site Hits - Track how many hits your Commercial Software hosted web site has received.
  • Seller Activity Reports - Show your buyers what they are getting for their money. Send them statistics about the activity their property is receiving through IRA Suite! Schedule them to be sent out monthly or quarterly to your sellers automatically, giving you more time to close deals!

Print Capabilities

IRA Suite will print your Brochures & MLS Data Sheets.
  • 6 different MLS data sheets layouts to choose from.
  • 4 different Brochure layouts to select from.
  • Create custom headers for your print brochures.
  • Print detailed MLS data sheets, containing data not normally available to the public.
Publish your own Homes Magazines with IRA Suite.
  • Distribute your own publication highlighting your new listings or open houses.
  • Save time and money by letting IRA Suite handle your layout and printing.

Agent Management

Let IRA Suite keep track of your agents so you can get more done.

A few ways IRA can help you manage your agents:

  • Manage your agents' contact information with a click.
  • Display your agent roster directly on your website.
  • Track your agent's whereabouts with Who's Out.
  • Get detailed breakdowns of your agents' inventory.
  • Create visual representations of your agents' activity.

Photo Manager

Experience an unprecedented control over your photos with IRApix!
  • Eliminates the need for complicated photo editing software.
  • Re-size, crop, adjust the contrast and brightness and much more.
  • Drag and drop to easily order your pictures.
  • Restore deleted pictures with a single click.
  • Automatically creates your thumbnails.

CMAs (comparable market analysis)

With IRA Suite, creating and managing CMAs is a snap.
  • 100 different options to choose from.
  • Compare listings with thousands of other CMAs
  • Understand market trends with 10 years of past data.


IRA Suite gives you 24/7 access to all your forms.
  • Create electronic forms for your board or company.
  • Access your forms anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Download or print your forms directly from IRA Suite.
  • No additional software to buy, all you have to do is print!

Prospect Manager

Track your clients the easy way with IRA Suite’s Prospect Manager.
  • Create profiles for your prospects and manage their contact information.
  • Set your prospect’s profile to reflect the criteria that they are looking for.
  • Automatically email your clients with listings that match their criteria.

Open House Scheduler

IRA Suite can schedule an open house in moments.
  • Easily schedule your open houses in just minutes.
  • Simply select a date, start and end time let IRA do the rest.
  • Your open houses will be viewable by other agents and readily available to the public.

Showings Scheduler

IRA Suite makes scheduling your showings simple and quick.
  • IRA Suite is the only service in Michigan that allows you to schedule showings over the Internet.
  • Great for coordinating with offices in different geographic locations.
  • Notifications and confirmation emails are immediately sent to the listing agent, showing agent, and seller of the property.
  • The Key Management feature keeps track of the keys being used for each property - Key #, ELB, Lockbox, or others.

Do-Not-Call Search

IRA Suite gives you access to the federal Do-Not-Call list.
  • Register to use the FTC compliant Do-Not-Call list.
  • IRA integrates the Do-Not-Call list, making it easier for you to access the system.
  • Area codes available: 231, 248, 269, 517, 616, 734, 989.

Personal Calendar

Stay on task with IRA Suite's Personal Calendar.
  • Set your normal workday routine so your coworkers know when you are expected in and out of the office.
  • Stay coordinated by sharing your calendar with co-workers.
  • Automatically notify your co-workers by creating and sharing events.
  • Calendar events can recur daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly intervals.

Bulletin Board

Take inter-office communication to another level with IRA Suite.

IRA Suite's Bulletin Board is a useful means of contact between yourself and others.

Share information amongst:

  • all agents of your board.
  • all agents of your company.
  • the entire IRA Suite system.

Website Integration

  • IRA Suite can integrate its data directly into your website.
  • IRA allows your customers to search thousands of homes without ever leaving your site!
  • Automatically update the listings on your website just by using IRA!
  • Showcase your properties right from your homepage.
  • Even show off your agents with IRA's agent roster.


Administrators have complete control over everything happening within the office. Administrator functions include the ability to: update agent listings, schedule or update showings, agent production reports, company productivity, inventory report by agent, set company preferences, and many more.
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